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Wedding Dance Funny

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HiddenLittleColour Februar 11, 2013 um 12:38

LOL that poor guy in the background at 3:31 he was? prepared for a shooting


ballershanelle Februar 11, 2013 um 12:58

Im sure Marlene met Miriam. She was at family. Functions, she Sud work? at no limits, also


heartsdivinexx Februar 11, 2013 um 13:26

omg i wish hot girls would just come up to me and give me their number! wtf hahaha i would totally use her as a? distraction from marlene!


SubtextRules Februar 11, 2013 um 13:46

Question,? did Marlene and Miriam every meet?


cyninthecity1 Februar 11, 2013 um 14:15

just wanted to know did they ever get married and wht? about Rebecca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Elisangela Saldanha Februar 11, 2013 um 15:02

gostaria muito de saber como eu faço pra ver? o resto desta historia porque no you tube só mostra até o 36 e depois começa tudo de novo gostaria muito de ver o resto


Siobhán O'Regan Februar 11, 2013 um 15:28

And the penny drops..! :D ?


brittlesnc21 Februar 11, 2013 um 16:17

and hopefully Rebecca and Marlene catching the bouquet is a sign of things to come…maybe there? will be a wedding in their future ;)


brittlesnc21 Februar 11, 2013 um 16:27

Ok I’m a bit confused by the family tree…is this Hagan guy that just got married Rebecca’s? half brother or something? He just called Rebecca’s father “dad”???


crzyworld22 Februar 11, 2013 um 16:47

is rebecca going? to get some? eventually im tired ….


MyTrollo Februar 11, 2013 um 17:14

das ist das? absolut peinlichste was die deutschen zu bieten haben


liljoegr50 Februar 11, 2013 um 17:14

Lets see… Rebecca has a way HOT lesbian hitting on her.? But she still chases a straight girl. I dont get it?


ToonChick09 Februar 11, 2013 um 18:00

when is next? upload?


TheCotton81 Februar 11, 2013 um 18:50

Omg it’s getting good .. In love with becca n the new chic is cute giving competition? to clueless blonde chic us awesome can’t wait for next upload …


hoppetosse8 Februar 11, 2013 um 19:25

hey honseii! long time no seeee! ;) you’re welcome? :)


honseii Februar 11, 2013 um 20:08

Thanks? for the video and translation!


hoppetosse8 Februar 11, 2013 um 20:58

yeah,? that how they are mostly called – Marbecca ;)


hmidarcy Februar 11, 2013 um 21:54

Marlene’s face at the? end = priceless. Marlene//Rebecca all the way :D btw is there a name for this ship? Marbecca perhaps? :)


christina fredrick Februar 11, 2013 um 22:51

i want Rebecca and Marlene together i think they belong together i think they will be happy together i also think that they are soulmate i also think thats is what? the storyline should be about


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